Academic Year Programs

Preludiostring ensemble for students at the beginner to intermediate levels (2-5 years of study). This orchestra will focus on the basic fundamentals of ensemble playing and more difficult note reading rhythmically and harmonically.  Students will be pulled out of orchestra rehearsal a minimum of twice a month for indivual instruction.  Tuition includes weekly rehearsal, individual instruction, all books and materials and a minimum of 2 public performances.  (Average grades: 3-7) 

Auditioned Orchestras

EPSA offers 3 auditioned youth orchestras (Intermezzo, Concertino & Camerata) during the school year.  Students are placed in an orchestra based on age and ability.  Students should register for the orchestra based on their grade.  However, if a younger student is ready to play more advanced literature, they will be offered a spot in one of the more advanced orchestras.  See below for audition information.  

IntermezzoA auditioned string orchestra for students at the intermediate levels (3-6 years of study).   Students will focus on advanced ensemble skills and a more challenging repertoire with complex rhythms, varied key signatures and major, minor and modal harmonies. Intemezzeo students may be placed in small chamber groups (Duets, Trios, Quartets) or play together as a larger ensemble.   (Grades 3-7)  Most students are playing in Late Suzuki Book 1- Suzuki 3.

ConcertinoA string orchestra for intermediate to advanced string students. This orchestra will focus on literature selected string orchestra repertoire and a variety of pops music.  (Grades 7-12)  Note: High School Students that have recently switched or started  a string instrument are encouraged to register as music will be re-written to the students ability if needed.  Most students are playing in Late Suzuki Book 3 and up.  

CamerataA student/alumni run string orchestra for advanced string students and EPSA Alums. This will be conductorless group the majority of the time and students in this group should be willing to take an active part in the rehearsal process.  This orchestra will focus on literature selected from standard string orchestra repertoire. Dedicated students will be given a chance to solo with the orchestra.   (Grades 7-12)  

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