Scrip Program

The EPSA Scrip Program is the EASIEST way for you to Support EPSA!  Simply by doing your regular shopping, YOU can up support the young musicians of EPSA. 

 If you are from out of town, I'll make arrangements to get your cards to you!

 2019-2020 Scrip Dates:

Order By:                                                Delivery:

December 10 at Noon                                December 15-16

Winter/Spring 2020 Dates TBD

How It Works:

Quick Version: 

1.  Go to

2.  Enter your account number or set up an account if this is your first time (takes about 2 minutes) using the EPSA code: A6CLCCC728373

3.  Shop to your hearts content!

4.  Write out a check to EPSA or creditcard online.  Checks are not cashed until the order is placed.

5.  Wait for Delivery 

6.   Be amazed at how easy it and start planning all your Holiday shopping!  

Detailed Version: 

The goal of the scrip program is to get as all families involved because, the more people involved...the bigger our contribution will be.  The contribution of individual retailers varies, however, even those with a 2% contribution can make a big difference.  

The easiest way to get started to think about the retailers that you frequent most often.  Then figure out what you typically spend each month.  You will be amazed at how your regular household shopping could REALLY make a difference for EPSA!

For example:  Cub Foods currently has a 4% contribution.  If 30 families each ordered $300 in Cub Cards, the EPSA contribution would be $360 this month, with just Cub for 8 months...EPSA would raise $2880 over 25% of our goal with you just doing your grocery shopping.  

Another example:  Think about what you shop for on a monthly basis...Here is a low estimate:

Cub (4%)  $300 - $12

Caribou (6%) $10 - $.60

Starbucks (7%) $10 - $.70

2 AMC Theatres Gold Ticket (10%) $19.00 - $1.90

Target (2%) $100 - $2.00

CVS (6%) - $25 - $1.50

iTunes (5%) - $15 - $.75

Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic (14%) - $50 - $7.00

Chili's (11%) - $25 - $2.75

Panara (9%) - $10 - $.90

Total Contribution to EPSA - $30.10  

If every family did this for the next 8 months....$7200 to EPSA!

There are a couple ways you can pay for your order:

1. Write out a check to EPSA

2. Set up PrestoPay on the ShopwithScrip page - this is the easiest!  Your account is debited when I place the order and you don't have to worry about getting a check to me.  This does take a few business days to set up.

Reload:  If you already have cards, you can reload from certain retailers - just choose reload!  Once the order is submitted, you will be able to reload your card online.  

ScripNow:  If a retailer offers ScripNow, once the order is submitted you will instantly be able to redeem your certificate/card

The best deal yet...If you sign up for PrestoPay and you order ScripNow - your cerficate will show up in your email within 5 minutes - For example:

1. Go to and order $250 in eCards from Amazon

2. Pay with PrestoPay

3. Check your email

4. Shop at

This is a quick run down of the program.  I encourage you to go to and see how many different retailers are involved in this program.  Check HERE for a list of all participating retailers.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions!

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